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Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast!

Today I'm posting about something that took me way too long to come to terms with. Breakfast actually IS the most important meal of the day, guys. You've heard it a million times (and have probably made a million excuses as to why you don't eat breakfast- you don't have time, you aren't hungry, etc...), but it's TRUE. You need to eat a solid breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up if possible. Not only does it start your metabolism working (think of your body/metabolism like a car and breakfast is the key to rev it up,)  it also gives you the energy not to crash into crap cravings throughout the day. 

I used to skip breakfast. I claimed it was the "only time of day I'm not hungry, so I'd rather save my calories." I'm the first to admit how dumb that was. Why would I want to save my calories for later in the day when it's tougher for my body to digest? By then, I'd also be burnt out and starving. A good breakfast is worked off all day long and gives you the energy to stay awake and active.

Take the extra time. I'm busy too- I still make breakfast. You can also make something the night before, like an egg white wrap with veggies. Or do something quick like high fiber/bran/whole grain cereal with skim milk and berries or an Ezekiel whole grain English muffin with Greek yogurt and fruit. I almost always pair my breakfast with berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries), but find what YOU like and make a well rounded breakfast- part carb, protein, and fiber. My favorites are fiber one and Ezekiel cereals (skim or almond milk depending on my mood,) Old Mill oatmeals, Greek yogurt and ezekial English muffins, and protein pancakes (Emma has some great recipes for these that we'll eventually post). I sprinkle everything with flaxseed and chia seed for energy, extra protein and fiber and add seasonal berries to every breakfast. I aim for fresh fruit but always keep frozen berries around just in case.

A key tip- when looking at cereals and other breakfast products, look for as few ingredients as possible, and avoid high sugar additives and fake sweeteners. I eventually plan to make an entire post devoted to sugar and sweeteners, but for now, feel free to reference the image at the bottom of this post with a list of all the different names for "sugar". If you have no choice, always choose real sugar (brown sugar, organic honey, etc) instead of the sweeteners (corn syrup, sorbitol, aspartame). Yes they have more "calories", but at least your body knows how to digest them. Sweeteners disrupt your digestive process and metabolism and cause you to crave real sugar and crash later on in the day. No Splenda. No equal. No aspartame. Try organic stevia if you have to, that's my trick. I always carry some in my purse just in case. Don't be fooled by oatmeal packets loaded with sugars! I used to love quaker's apple cinnamon oatmeal packets until I realized they were half of my day's recommended sugar intake and contained no apple. Want cinnamon sugar oatmeal? Use a half cup of bob's old mill steel cut oatmeal and add one packet of stevia, sprinkle cinnamon, and add berries and apple. Delicious.

Okay last breakfast tip- CINNAMON. I. Love. Cinnamon. Not only is it great for you- it's a great sugar substitute for me because it gives the illusion of a sweet breakfast. Put it on cereals, oatmeals, coffee- whatever ya fancy! Now let's get eating...All this talk has made me ready for my French press. 




03/16/2013 7:09am

Hey girls, So in ove with this blog. Will certainly spread the word and keep myself posted. So glad you're promoting the need for no sugar. Watched a documentary (name is slipping my mind) and it spoke a great deal about sweeteners and sugar and scared me right out of my splenda use - cold turkey quit and the difference is dramatic. Thanks for taking initiative and helping others put their best foot forward. You may want to begin a dialogue with my Dad's girlfriend, Margaret - who has started to make her living off of nutritional coaching/awareness and recently published her own book "Lose The Mom Jeans" :) She's adorable. She'd eat up your site and really connect with your intentions - Especially to Emma's awareness of gluten and celiac as Margaret's son has celiac and her daughter has diabetes. SO - chat away:

Jillian Rorrer
03/16/2013 10:15am

Yes! I bet the documentary was Hungry for Change- it completely helped me figure out how to nix the additives and artificial sweeteners. And I'll definitely reach out, the site looks great! Thanks, babe!

03/18/2013 5:32pm

I'll have to look this up! I tried Oikos greek yogurt, plain... I don't think I was ready for that. I choked down a few bites, and then had to ditch it. I'm only beginning my search for alternatives, so I know I've got a long road ahead of me :-p

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