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Hey there fellow foodies! Jillian posting this time. I'm cheating by making the first post without Emma- but I can't help it... I'm too excited.

This blog is going to be so much fun to run, and hopefully just as fun for you to enjoy. While Emma and I have quite a bit in common when it comes to loving nutrition, fitness, and an altogether healthy lifestyle- there's also quite a bit that sets us apart.

Emma is a certified trainer at New York Sports Club and knows the in-and-outs of weight and strength training. Instead, I rely on gym classes to make sure I'm getting well rounded workouts. Emma has several allergies (gluten, dairy, peanuts, coffee, tree nuts, avocado, egg yolk, bananas, apples, shellfish- corn and soy sensitive). She also knows how to use protein powders correctly for lean, strong muscles- whereas I try to eat my proteins. I have no allergies- but tend to substitute meat as often as I can... Let's say a "flexitarian". Emma is a certified nutritionist, while I'm self-studied. I've done extensive reading not just on nutrition, but on food politics, psychology, and production in the United States. 

Hopefully, you'll come to know our differences over time- What WE hope is to help everyone see that no matter what obstacles you face, how you like to eat/train, what your profession is, etc- A healthy life can work for anyone. Please contact us with any requests, questions- etc. I can't wait to hear from you all.

And so! To end this post and begin our day-to-day, I'll share my late night snack with you all. My best friend Frank actually turned me on to brussel sprouts- I had never tried them baked when he introduced them to me. Bake them with your favorite cooking oil of choice, (I prefer extra virgin olive oil,) until they're super crunchy and soft in the middle on 350 degrees - (try one before you take them all out, if you take them out too soon they're not nearly as delicious)! Then put whatever seasonings you prefer- I tend to enjoy lemon juice, garlic pepper, and tumeric. I'm telling you, they're divine. And a great late night snack because they're full of nutrients and carb-free. 

Not sure if you know this folks, but eating carbs at night isn't optimal for weight loss/maintenance... which has always been tough for me because my favorite late night snacks are all basically carbs. I'll go into detail about hormones & your metabolism another day, but long story short- carbs disrupt your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) release at night, disrupting your natural sleep cycle's process of digesting the day's food. Either way, if you love snacking (like me!) try something like veggies and salsa, kale chips, or these lovely brussel sprouts! Have a late night sweet craving? Trust me- I get it. My favorites are greek yogurt with cacao and stevia, dark chocolate, or dark chocolate dusted almonds that have been in the freezer. Either way- enjoy, and happy reading, folks!



03/08/2013 2:34pm

I'm so excited to see that you've started a blog! Jillie, you've already given me such great perspective and advice, and I can't wait to gather even more information!

Kelle Rorrer
03/09/2013 7:22pm

This looks great Bean! I'm excited.

Kelle Rorrer
05/01/2013 8:20pm

You've done a great job here. Lots of good info....


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